Cubecart catalog pdf mod

I developed a mod which converts your whole shopping cart into a PDF file. The mod handles the following within the PDF

A Demo of the mod can be found here Just click “Download Catalog”

This mod requires php5 but there is a php4 version in development. The mod also requires the php extention domxml to function properly. To purchase this mod please click the paypal button below. Processing may take between 2-24 hours. Thank you

2 thoughts on “Cubecart catalog pdf mod”

  1. Nice idea and might be what I need for customers that have asked me for a printed catalog! But I have a few questions:

    Do you have a multi-site license discount? I have 11 stores at present, though might not do this mod for all of them.

    Can you pick and choose which documents it includes? Not all of my site documents would be needed.

    Can you adjust the formatting of the “about us”, etc pages to include company logo, etc? Or create specific pages to only go into the pdf version?

    Can you add a printable order form?

    Can you create a pdf of just a category instead of the whole store? I have thousands of items on each of my stores and a customer may be interested only in 1 or 2 categories – would be nice to give them the option of printing the entire site or just the category they want.

    No sure what domxml is – how can I tell if it’s functioning on my hosts server (


  2. Hi There

    Right now there are no configuration options available but would be very simple to impliment. I like your configuration ideas I would like to impliment more options into the program. Right now you can hard code the catalog to suit your needs.

    1. Logo can simply be added into the PDF
    2. A printbale order form can also be done but would take a little more time for formating issues.
    3. I would think about making category pdf’s available, that would be
    a cool addition to this mod.

    I would like to talk to you more about this and the possibility of selling you an unencrypted version to use on as many sites as you want. I put allot of hours into this program with the intention on selling it at a low price in large quantities, but I am open to other ideas. Please contact me through the contact form or email

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