Areas of expertise

What can I do for you?

To protect my employers interests I do not offer a portfolio but samples of my work can be given if you contact me directly. I work on many different types of php software types from open source to managed licenses. I have proficiency  in many different programming languages these are my areas of expertise.

  • PHP – I have been a PHP programmer for 10 years and counting, I can be considered as a senior php expert and can problem solve or develop any php problem or project you have. 
  • MYSQL – the database most used with php and is used in 99% of the web applications available today.
  • JQuery – As you can tell by my blog I  have  been using  jquery since the beginning. I fell in love with the way jquery offered an easy approach to complex javascript, which at the time of it’s first release was not as strong.  The javascript library has grown allot since then and is now the #1 javascript library used on the web, the most used open source blogging/cms platform “WordPress” utilizes jquery for most of its javascript and so do I.
  • WordPress – WordPress is an open source blogging platform that has been transformed into an all around CMS system and even further a core API that can be utilized for any project. I have been developing with WordPress for a long time and written a number of custom plugin from open source plugins, commercial plugins to plugins that were very specific to create new functionality for clients websites. I can take any web app, use the wordpress core and give you a scalable web software platform you can take anywhere.
  • CSS/HTML/HTML5 – When developing any piece of web software the knowledge of the way css and html work together is a must.

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