Optima Express Yoast SEO integration

Recently a client came to me with a problem with a popular WordPress plugin called Optima Express by ihomefinder which looks like a great IDX plugin for real estate companies. The problem was that it did not support Yoast SEO. This is a huge problem considering Yoast is one of the biggest SEO plugins out there and it was basically passing no title tags to properties.

After inspecting the code I noticed Optima was forcing it’s own data onto a page post type and passing it as ID 0. This results in problems for Yoast or anything else using the post object because basically it was trying to find a title for an ID that did not exist.

To fix this we need to repass the title from the post object to the filters supplied by Yoast SEO. Here is the code, you can place this in your functions file or make a plugin for it.