Web Site and Database Design

Specializing in web design, database programming, internet marketing, cd-rom, screen based corporate presentations and graphic design Worcester MA.

We are web designers and internet consultants based in Worcester Massachusetts. We specialize in getting results from the web and screen based media. Our goal as internet consultants is to provide high quality services so that your business can save costs, reach new markets and win new customers.

Based in Worcester, but we provide services Boston and Surrounding areas to locations from Providence, Hyannis, Nashua, Buffalo and other locations. We can also provide certain services to the wider US.

Be it online or screen based, we have a wealth of experience and a proven track record of delivering business led solutions that succeed in the online marketplace and attract new business for our clients.

We have been recognized for our work in multimedia and database programming and have been commended for bringing new fresh ideas to our valued clients.

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Accessible Website design

Worcester Wide Web offers expert accessible website design solutions for business. Based in Worcester, we also serve the greater US and the international market.

In the online marketplace you only have a few seconds to make an impact if your website is to attract any potential customers. Web site design is fundamental to making that initial impact and without doubt a well designed web site will attract new customers. However, design is more than making a page look pleasing to the eye. It is a combination of aesthetics, functionality and performance but achieving this balance is often beyond many non-professionals.

At Worcester Wide Web, we know web design and we know from experience that if a website is to be success then it must be capable of meeting certain criteria. We use a simple but effective formula to ensure that our websites have the greatest chance of attracting new business. Our web design formula is…

aesthetics + functionality + speed = satisfied customer

and we break this down as follows…

Aesthetics of web design

If a website is to make an initial impression, then it is important that the design incorporates good layout, clear graphics and legible text. Clearly, if your website is to entice visitors to stay and buy your products, then it needs to avoid the common pitfalls of flashy or large imagery, unnecessary plugins and poor page layout. The rules of good web page design (especially in a business sense) are geared towards making it easy for visitors and potential customers to access your information and buy your products with ease. Worcester Wide Web builds websites with your customer in mind and from years of experience we can advise you on the aesthetic aspects that will bring success to your site.

Functionality of web design

Looking good is one thing, but looks alone won’t guarantee the success of your site. A website must provide the right type of functionality for the widest possible audience (which does not mean adding every whizz bang technique or application under the sun). Adding functionality to a website involves a number of considerations – depending on your intended audience or market. For example, you may be targeting Plumbers and the addition of say a Flash movie for each product you sell is more likely to put them off rather than help them buy stuff. On the other hand, if you incorporate a simple search function on every page then it is more likely to help them find your products and make the user experience easier for them – which can lead to more sales. So, it’s just as easy to drive customers away if you don’t get the functionality mix right.

Web design for optimal download speed

Speed is vitally important if a website is to avoid potential customers from clicking the exit button. On average, if a website fails to load within the first 15-20 seconds then that visitor will simply go elsewhere. When we design any website, we optimize all imagery, code and graphics for the fastest possible download speeds, so as to ensure that potential visitors obtain the information they want as quickly as possible.

To combine all these design elements into a successful website solution it takes a great deal of skill and expertise. We posess these skills and built many successful sites.

Content Management systems Data driven websites.

If you want to update or add new content to your website on a regular basis but without the expense of web authoring programs then the best solution is by way of a content management system.

Worcester Wide Web has been building affordable content management systems for business throughout Worcester and New England for a wide range of companies who are successfully using them in house and without the need for any technical expertise.

What is a content management system?

A content management system is an application whereby the contents of a website are updated or added to by way of user friendly forms. The information can be news articles, products, images or general information about your website. Either way, our content management systems are designed so that non technical personnel can edit this information from the comfort of your own office.

All our content management systems have password protected administration areas and are easy to use.

Worcester E-commerce Made Easy

We can offer complete e commerce solutions to small and medium sized companies looking to sell goods and services on the web.

E commerce or e business, is set to treble by 2005 according to reports and Worcseter Wide Web have a proven track record of building successful websites that outperform similar competition.

E commerce services and technologies are many but from our experience we are skilled in delivering the right solution for your business (and your intended market). We can deliver custom solutions or integrate commercial applications such as Actinic, Paypal and 2Checkout shopping carts seamlessly into your existing site.

From an initial concept we take your ideas then design an appropriate site geared towards the intended market. We then incorporate the appropriate e commerce application into the build, then test and launch.

Worcseter Wide Web has helped a number of companies reap the benefits of e commerce (or e business). We have built successful e commerce sites for the likes of Worcester County Memorial Park and Classic Suites and Hotels.

If you would like more information on setting up e-commerce for your company then please contact us

Graphic design and Planning

We can offer exert services on all aspects of graphic design ranging from business cards and stationery through to media advertising for screen and print. We use the finest imaging software for all disciplines and we pride ourselves on our high quality.

We can create identities that complement both printed material and online information. We have a excellent skills across print and screen based media and we can create identities that complements both that of your company’s printed material and online website.

Worcester Wide Web can produce graphic design for the following:

  • Logo/Identity
  • Business Stationery
  • Leaflets/Flyers
  • Media Advertising for print
  • Media Advertising for screen/web
  • Annual reports
  • CD-Business cards
  • Motion graphics

Please contact us if you have a graphic design project you would like us to advise or quote on.