Restaurant Biller 2.0 Released (Restaurant Online Ordering application)

Restaurant Biller 2.0 has been released and has moved out of beta, this new release includes features not seen in any online ordering application available on the market. With the help of existing clients recommending features  and the many hours put into to developing the code we have streamlined the whole Restaurant Ordering process. Below are the new  features listed.

    • Product and Category Images
  • Ability to re-order what you have ordered previously
  • Category and Product Images
  • Better templating system
  • Multi restaurant support with a special page to choose the restaurant you want
  • Multiple currency support.
  • Coupon manager
  • Delivery zone feature which allows you to add zones to each location, you can choose a delivery fee per zone.
  • Add a tip to the order in checkout by percentage
  • Billing addresses for users who have different information then the profile information
  • Categories now have the ability to have a display time (for instance if you would like your breakfast menu only to show up between 7am and 11am
  • Each restaurant logo can be managed through the config page
  • Blackout times for when your store is closed (If you are open 9-6  but you stop serving between 12-3)
  • Minimum order for delivery
  • Limit delivery area by zip codes
  • Full reporting and analytics center to show you your revenue, orders, popular products, popular pages, how many orders were delivered and how many orders picked up.
  • Enhancements to the order manager inside the admin panel, you can now see the order information better and logs more information. One minor set back to this is we removed the ability to set the store into “no-registration mod”
  • Site Document editor

That is about it as well as bug fixes and all around usability enhancements.  Check out this exciting new release at

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