Restaurant Online Ordering System

I started development on a new exciting project, I will be making a restaurant ordering system. That will be simple to use and cost effective for local restaurants to use. Right now I am still developing this application and adding new features everyday. Some of the features the Restaurant Online Ordering system will be:

  • Template based system for easy ordering
  • Pay by credit card (with 3rd party processing of course)
  • Pay by paypal
  • Pay at store (pickup)
  • Administration panel for adding/editing/delete categories
  • Administration panel for adding/editing/deleting products
  • Secure online ordering using SSL
  • AJAX ordering system for faster loading
  • Built in page manager
  • Customer Order database
  • Print directly on printer (Order goes directly from website to printer within 1 minute) *PC in restaurant required

More features to come soon, check back soon.

Cubecart Auto Complete – Live Search Mod

I developed another mod which allows you to have a live search or autocomplete on your cubecart page. This mod puts autocomplete into cubecart search, basicly when you search for an item a list of all items will show up below the search box matching what the user typed in. The items are store items built from your database.


A Demo of the mod can be found here Just search for an item

 To purchase this mod please click the paypal button below. Processing may take between 2-24 hours. Thank you

Single Domain


Multi  Domain

Cubecart catalog pdf mod

I developed a mod which converts your whole shopping cart into a PDF file. The mod handles the following within the PDF

A Demo of the mod can be found here Just click “Download Catalog”

This mod requires php5 but there is a php4 version in development. The mod also requires the php extention domxml to function properly. To purchase this mod please click the paypal button below. Processing may take between 2-24 hours. Thank you

php 5 and imagecreatefromjpeg() recoverable error: Premature end of JPEG file

Ok I recently came up with a problem creating thumbnails for a project I am working on. I was stumped for hours, it seems that some files that were saved from a mac or certain photo editing programs would cause php to not recognize it a jpg thus giving the error:  

imagecreatefromjpeg() : gd-jpeg, libjpeg: recoverable error: Premature end of JPEG

After researching this problem I realized it was a problem with php 5 and gd2. Heres how to fix it

ini_set(‘gd.jpeg_ignore_warning’, 1);

Doing that will cause gd2,php to ignore the error and continue where it use to just fail and do nothing.

Cubecart google sitemap – SEO MOD Friendly

I recently added on to the google sitemap mod I made awhile back, It is now SEO mod friendly. I tested this with the latest version of cubecart and latest version of SEO mod. May need to tweak it out for other versions of SEO mod.

Google sitemap mod

New Website

I Launched a new website, Modern viking beer supply website is for sale. The client I made a deal with has fell through on his payment so I am putting the web site up for sale. This website is powered by the Cubecart back-end. It comes with PSD Files, full scripts and templates. The website has some products entered in, kegging equipment, co2 tanks, keg beer regulators, keg stout towers and much more.

 To preview the Modern Viking Keg Supply website click here I can even package in template modifications to fit your store’s website. You do not get the domain name.

Cubecart custom category order

So I developed another new mod for cubecart, this one allows you to sort out your categories in cubecart the way you want without staying with the normal sort by name or id as seen in other mods. This mod only modifies 3 files and installs one column “pos” to your database to do the ordering. Remember to back up your database and files before attempting any modification on your original files. To download this file click on the link below.

Custom category ordering 1.0

custom_category_order_1.3 (updated for manual ordering)