Restaurant Online Ordering System

I started development on a new exciting project, I will be making a restaurant ordering system. That will be simple to use and cost effective for local restaurants to use. Right now I am still developing this application and adding new features everyday. Some of the features the Restaurant Online Ordering system will be:

  • Template based system for easy ordering
  • Pay by credit card (with 3rd party processing of course)
  • Pay by paypal
  • Pay at store (pickup)
  • Administration panel for adding/editing/delete categories
  • Administration panel for adding/editing/deleting products
  • Secure online ordering using SSL
  • AJAX ordering system for faster loading
  • Built in page manager
  • Customer Order database
  • Print directly on printer (Order goes directly from website to printer within 1 minute) *PC in restaurant required

More features to come soon, check back soon.