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Online food ordering script “Restaurant Biller” released with pricing!

Easy AJAX powered checkout system company month Receive the orders directly through email within 30 seconds of placed order Easy customization for those who want to modify their site Set the hours you would like your store open Turn your store off and on through the administration panel Enable Credit or disable credit cards Enable or disable delivery and delivery fees Modify your home page directly from a control panel Add Edit and delete categories to your menu Add Edit and delete menu items with extented features Each site has a contact us page for customer questions Edit the hours you would like your online store open Add an addition cost for delivery, tax prices or order processing fees Built In newsletter system Free updates Click here for a demo

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Cubecart multiple delete and re categorize admin hack

I am developing a new shopping cart using the cubecart system, the client has about 2500 parts in the database. After importing these products into the database I noticed that a good 500 were mis categorized and about 100 were out of date and had to be removed. Cubecart didnt have any support for multi re-categorize or multiple deletes so I created the following hack. This hack will allow you to check off all the products on the product view page and do 2 different things. Either delete the selected products or move the selected products to a different category. To enable this hack in your cubecart admin panel paste the code in the following areas . bad credit history loans300 cashmoney tree payday loans Due to people not being able to copy the code correctly I have pasted it in a text file which can be viewed here install_multi_delete_recat.txt You can also download my own index.php with the mod already installed, this will work perfect for you if you havent already modded your admin/products/index.php. Download that file here:

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mysql update from another table

Recently I needed to update a bunch of rows in mysql with information from another table. I will explain how to do this simple process. Open up phpmyadmin or similar database editor view the sql query below UPDATE updatefrom p, updateto pp SET pp.last_name = p.last_name WHERE pp.visid = payday loan lead generatorscompanys Lets say we have 2 tables one named main and one named updateto and one named updatefrom, In the first line we assign variables to these t tables (p and pp) from there we can call column names using this format table.columname. If we had first_name and last_name in both tables and wanted to update the “updateto” table with the info from “updatefrom” this is how you would write it.

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